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Speaking of Silence

I forgot to upload this!

Music Posted on Mon, April 16, 2018 11:51:53

I forgot to upload it to the blog when I made it, but since I haven’t uploaded any music for like 4 months, perhaps I can cover up my lack of music by sharing this now?
Let’s pretend that is how it works.

New song!

Music Posted on Sun, October 23, 2016 21:48:47

I felt like I needed something new to focus my mind and efforts on so I recorded a song! I wrote it in august but never had the time to record it.
It’s in swedish but there’s a translation in the description if you don’t speak swedish.

Yet another quirky instrument

Music Posted on Tue, October 04, 2016 20:02:23

It’s called Wheelharp and I think it sounds amazing.