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Speaking of Silence

I forgot to upload this!

Music Posted on Mon, April 16, 2018 11:51:53

I forgot to upload it to the blog when I made it, but since I haven’t uploaded any music for like 4 months, perhaps I can cover up my lack of music by sharing this now?
Let’s pretend that is how it works.

The cat is out of the bag

Sound Design Posted on Mon, April 16, 2018 11:47:43

And A Way Out has been released! It has been well received, and it’s really satisfying seeing all these people react to what we’ve worked on. We’ve had a couple of weeks of downtime at Hazelight now around release. It’s been great to be able to wind down, reflect and take the time to learn new things, both in office and at home. As of now I’m learning python, checking out new plugins and learning Wwise. I’m also oogling over new mics (since I will be spending a week of summer vacation in Scotland, I’m prepping gear for any improvised and impromptu recording sessions).
For Python, I’m digging through the exercises at – I really like their setup for the course. And, you know, that it’s free.

I also tried to record my sisters kitten (he purrs, like, REALLY loudly and makes the most adorable squeaks) last week, but he tried to eat the mic (and my hand) most the time so I gave up that attempt. I’m going to try to see if any of the material is salvageable or if its just cat teeth and me cursing throughout. It’s probably the latter.

I still haven’t edited all the snow recordings from last time – but I did setup a project and import all the files. It still counts as progress.


Current Projects Posted on Wed, March 07, 2018 18:07:16

It’s only 16 days left! 😀


Sound Design Posted on Tue, January 30, 2018 13:39:47

I started working on a redesign of a Dead Space trailer, and quickly realized I need to record some snow. The samples I had weren’t good enough. Since there’s been some snow these last days I took the time one evening to walk out into the quiet golf course nearby and stomp around for a bit, with my Zoom H4N securely fastened to a tripod. Of course there was a truck running about 100m (because it can never just be, you know, QUIET) away from me and the wind blowing the wrong way so I had to walk further into the night and eventually found my refuge on a parking lot with a big pile of snow blocking all the terrible truck sounds. Once I had finally set up it all, and removed my jacket (because it’s a bit flimsy and the fabric is noisy) getting ready to jump boot first into that pile of snow, a car appears. It glides excruciatingly slow into an area behind me, parking in the corner of the parking lot I’m in. The slowest people in the world then proceed to bring out their skis, their dog, their shoes, their jackets.
*Woof scrape jingle jingle doorslam*
After an eternity (during which they most likely took extra time to ensure I wasn’t some crazy person) they finally slid away on their skis with their dog to enjoy the snow.
I was half frozen to death, and near exhausted after jumping around in snow without breathing properly, but I did get the sounds I needed.

I still haven’t edited them. Shame on me.

Busy times indeed

Current Projects Posted on Tue, August 01, 2017 11:37:07

Busy times indeed. In three days, I’m finally graduating from Futuregames vocational education in game design. Today I had my first day as an employee at Hazelight.

These last few months, I’ve worked at Hazelight as an intern. We announced the project, A Way Out in June, and are releasing during early 2018.

For obvious reasons, this blog will remain fairly silent until then. I just wont have the time.

This summer I’ve recorded a lot of ambiences and sounds on Gotland. I look forward to editing them and adding them to my library later this week.

Busy times ahead

Sound Design Posted on Tue, December 13, 2016 22:19:07

Well, christmas is coming up. And I have lots to do. I’m just wrapping up my work on Skylar & Plux, with some minor changes left to do.

For most part, I’m working on my own project. It’s a FPS, but centered on environment audio, layers, parameters in soundcues and so on. I’m having a great time setting up the systems for the ambience, but unfortunately most soundcues are empty… Gotta do something about that soon. My first plan was a more nature-centered setting for the “game”, but I’m reconsidering it now.

Tomorrow I’m off to Karolinska Institutet to record some sounds.
My mom, who’s a lab technician, gave me the opportunity to come by the lab and record their equipment. So I’ll get to have lunch with a bunch of nerdy people (feels just like home) and record interesting equipment.

So we might get ourselves a lab setting for the project. Maybe a broken down, dystopian lab setting… I might also have played too much Fallout 4 these last few weeks. Anyhow, we’ll see. I only have 1,5 weeks left before christmas comes rolling in like a cheerful storm of glitter and unhealthy foods, so I have to manage my very high expectations.

Will make an update once the FPS (currently named SoundMiner) gets to a more audible state.

Skylar & Plux:Adventure on Clover Island

Sound Design Posted on Thu, December 01, 2016 13:22:11

Adventure on Clover Island has meant a lot of work, but my time with the team is coming to an end. I’ve had a lot of fun and I am really looking forward to seeing the game being released and enjoyed by others.

My work now is instead centered on learning Reaper and getting back into Unreal Engines own sound tools. So far Reaper seems really promising and I’m looking forward into learning more. This is the tutorial I’m currently following and it’s been really good.

New song!

Music Posted on Sun, October 23, 2016 21:48:47

I felt like I needed something new to focus my mind and efforts on so I recorded a song! I wrote it in august but never had the time to record it.
It’s in swedish but there’s a translation in the description if you don’t speak swedish.

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