I started working on a redesign of a Dead Space trailer, and quickly realized I need to record some snow. The samples I had weren’t good enough. Since there’s been some snow these last days I took the time one evening to walk out into the quiet golf course nearby and stomp around for a bit, with my Zoom H4N securely fastened to a tripod. Of course there was a truck running about 100m (because it can never just be, you know, QUIET) away from me and the wind blowing the wrong way so I had to walk further into the night and eventually found my refuge on a parking lot with a big pile of snow blocking all the terrible truck sounds. Once I had finally set up it all, and removed my jacket (because it’s a bit flimsy and the fabric is noisy) getting ready to jump boot first into that pile of snow, a car appears. It glides excruciatingly slow into an area behind me, parking in the corner of the parking lot I’m in. The slowest people in the world then proceed to bring out their skis, their dog, their shoes, their jackets.
*Woof scrape jingle jingle doorslam*
After an eternity (during which they most likely took extra time to ensure I wasn’t some crazy person) they finally slid away on their skis with their dog to enjoy the snow.
I was half frozen to death, and near exhausted after jumping around in snow without breathing properly, but I did get the sounds I needed.

I still haven’t edited them. Shame on me.