Well, christmas is coming up. And I have lots to do. I’m just wrapping up my work on Skylar & Plux, with some minor changes left to do.

For most part, I’m working on my own project. It’s a FPS, but centered on environment audio, layers, parameters in soundcues and so on. I’m having a great time setting up the systems for the ambience, but unfortunately most soundcues are empty… Gotta do something about that soon. My first plan was a more nature-centered setting for the “game”, but I’m reconsidering it now.

Tomorrow I’m off to Karolinska Institutet to record some sounds.
My mom, who’s a lab technician, gave me the opportunity to come by the lab and record their equipment. So I’ll get to have lunch with a bunch of nerdy people (feels just like home) and record interesting equipment.

So we might get ourselves a lab setting for the project. Maybe a broken down, dystopian lab setting… I might also have played too much Fallout 4 these last few weeks. Anyhow, we’ll see. I only have 1,5 weeks left before christmas comes rolling in like a cheerful storm of glitter and unhealthy foods, so I have to manage my very high expectations.

Will make an update once the FPS (currently named SoundMiner) gets to a more audible state.